Washingto and Rhode Island Governors petition for rescheduling

Most up to date report on Roger

This is the second part of a two part story freelance journalist Cameron Johnson wrote for the Honolulu Weekly. http://honoluluweekly.com/feature/2011/06/end-of-hilos-holy-war/

The Gospel of Hemp

This video was recorded 16 years ago as Roger spoke to the congregation of Puna Unitarians. His message has been strong and unwavering for over 25 years now. http://yakvox.com/video/video/2R1GRUB4XOH5/Roger-Christie-Speaking-to-the-Unitarian-Church


Tommorow is the one year anniversary of the IMPRISONMENT of MARIJUANA PRISONER / POLITICAL PRISONER ROGER CHRISTIE - STILL BEING HELD WITHOUT BAIL SOLELY FOR pakalolo IN HAWAII - 1 YEAR WITH NO BAIL AND NO TRIAL!! Write a letter, send money, scroll down and…Read More

Support Bill 2306 to end the Federal prohibition on Cannabis

This link is a quick and easy way to send a form letter to your congressperson to tell them to support this long overdue bill. Help FREE the PLANT and the PEOPLE who love…Read More

Hilo Holy War-Honolulu Weekly June 22, 2011

Free Roger NOW!

Monday, June 20 1:07 am Roger Christie is a man ahead of the times. With unflinching personal convictions, he is being persecuted for his beliefs and detained without bail (Tribune-Herald, June 12). This is happening in a country which hypocritically defends…Read More
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