Momentarily fallow- but not finished!

 Hello Midway Supporters! A quick update- or more a preliminary to an update. This cause has lain dormant for a bit now, partly as we are a body with no head. I'm going to start looking into the state of things and seeing if I can divine what our next steps…Read More

To plant a seed.

Hello everyone, Thank you so much for your interest in this project. When I answered this calling, about five months ago, I had no idea the amount of support such a project would receive. I have been overwhelm by your emails and offers of assistance. I had…Read More


I would like to do a documentary about this project. I think it would be interesting to involve students and professionals. This would be a volunteer gig. Let me now if you or anyone you know would be interested

The Midway Gateway Foundation

I've made some changes to this page to reflect the decisions being made by the board of directors. I hope that you will still believe in our cause and will support us until we see the Midway beautiful and put to good use again. I am about to go on a funding…Read More

Wow, almost 350 members in 5 days....

.....not to shabby. The support from the community has been overwhelming. I have been flooded with emails by people offering their time, energy, artistic/musical/writing/carpentry/electrical and painting talents for the cause. It makes me so very proud to be…Read More
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