Our Facebook page

Good Friday morning. We realized recently that while we have 228 members on our Causes page, the majority of our members haven't yet found our Facebook page. We would be more than honored if you would "Like" our Facebook page as well at…Read More

Our Facebook Page

If you haven't yet done so, please consider following the link below and "Liking" our Facebook page. Your support is greatly appreciated. http://www.facebook.com/rocisal

Facebook page

Don't forget, folks. We have a new shiny Facebook page and that's where most updates will be done. Check us out! Like the page! Get involved! http://www.facebook.com/rocisal

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Hey everyone! Thank you again for participating in our cause. What are you doing today to reach out and check in with someone? Has someone helped you lately? Like our new facebook page and tell us your…Read More

New Facebook Page

We have created a Facebook page. Please follow the link and 'Like' the page if you would like to continue to support our cause. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Reach-Out-Check-In-Save-a-Life/212432268773887?sk=wall#! Don't forget, Aaron Lewis and Mark Leddy…Read More

Help us kick off our new campaign site!

Please follow the link below to share a story of how positive human interaction affected you or someone close to you. If you could please re-post this to your wall, that would help us get entries from your friends too! Once you're done with that, don't leave…Read More

We're off to a great start

This Cause page started on Monday morning. It's now Friday in the early afternoon and we already have 112 members which is a great accomplishment in itself. Your support is very much appreciated. If you would like to continue to help spread the word, it's as…Read More
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