Humanity Calls - TIDE needs YOU to VOTE!

To raise money through the Humanity Calls competition, TIDE must finish in the TOP 30. For the first time, we have dropped below and the top 30. Please go to and voite for TIDE, share the information with friends and colleagues. You can…Read More

BTB Voting ends today

Please go to and cast your vote. Toledo Institute for Development and Environment for Environmental Organization of the year. We also commend to you Cottontree Chocolates, Eloy Cuevas, Big Falls Lodge and the Garifuna Drumming and Show.…Read More

Time for TIDE!

Opportunities to help the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) by spending some of your time online. TIDE has entered a photo story of the new mural at St. Peter Claver School in Punta Gorda. Voting ends Sunday 9 May, please act NOW! You…Read More

TIDE - Nominated for Environmental Organization of the Year

TIDE - Nominated for Environmental Organization of the Year This is very exciting and everyone deserves a lot of credit for TIDE being nominated. NOW, click the link below and vote for TIDE so that we are the final…Read More

Two More Members = 300

Can we get two more members? We have been slowly, slowly inching up to 298. And tell us here at TIDE - is this a good way to communicate information, or would you prefer another? Ruth

Donate to TIDE without spending money! Vote for TIDE. Each vote (and you can vote once a day) raises our chances in this online competition. We welcome a financial donation, of course, but most importantly we want a few minutes of your…Read More

American Birding Association

Read our blog on the American Birding Association, Birders Exchange Program. We have been fortunate to the beneficiary of this great program and that allows us to provide education on bird watching within our local communities. We are developing many young…Read More
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