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Nick Magel
Nick Magel Campaign leader

A lot of noise was made about Obama's move to raise the minimum wage for federal contractors. However, many individuals with disabilities…Read More

Workers With Disabilities Left Out Of Obama Wage Plan - Disability Scoop

Michelle Diament
President Barack Obama pledged in his State of the Union address to raise the minimum wage that federal contractors must pay their workers, but advocates say the plan leaves out many with disabilities. (Pool photo Larry Downing/Reuters/MCT) Advocates are crying foul after learning that many individuals with disabilities will likely be left out…Read More
Equal Rights
Equal Rights Campaign leader

Is the Obama Administration treating disabled workers like second-class citizens?

Advocates want disabled included in wage hike - US News

US News & World Report
By SAM HANANEL, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — More than a dozen advocacy groups are urging President Barack Obama to include mentally disabled workers in his call to raise the federal minimum wage for employees of government contractors. The groups, including the National Organization on Disability and the National Down Syndrome…Read More

This is one near and dear to my heart. Take a read & please sign. There are a lot of ppl not getting proper pay for becoming disabled.…Read More

Jen Schindler's Campaign to Get Equal Rights for Disabled Workers

If Obama can raise minimum wage which was 4 something when I was a kid, he can raise our disability incomes also. If a person becomes disabled after working 20 + years of there life, they loose an easy 3-4 years battling the court systems to get approved that you are 100% disabled. By this time you've lost a better portion of what they say…Read More
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