Missing Since December 16th 2008......

Dear Members, To date there has been absolutely no leads on the ware-about of Riana Parag. All searches, investigations, tips etc. has proven futile. We, however, remain hopeful in our search for her and WE BELIEVE THAT SHE IS ALIVE BUT STILL BEING HELD…Read More

Keeping The Faith Alive!

Good Day Friend! Thank you everyone for your support through this overwelming period. Tomorrow the 16th December will mark the 2nd year since my little sister Riana Parag, has been missing. Time kept moving on but we surely did not. Not a day goes by that we…Read More

Happy 20th Birthday Riana!

Hello friend, Thank you for supporting our cause " Help Find Riana Parag - Missing since 16-Dec-08". Today 13th September 2010, marks the 20th birthday of our dear Riana. Almost two years have past since she has gone missing but time hasn't changed our…Read More

Still Missing After One Year - Riana Parag

Today marks one year since Riana Parag was abducted while Christmas Shopping.... She remains missing and to date the authorities have no positive leads on her abduction. Family member still remain hopeful that one day she will return home. We thank you for…Read More

Happy Birthday Riana

 Hello all, On Sunday 13th September 2009, Riana would have been celebrating her 19th birthday. To date, the authorities has been unsuccessful in their attempts to find any positive evidence relating to her abduction. We remain hopeful that she is alive…Read More

thanking you for your support

hi, i am karina parag sister of missing person riana parag. i just wanted to let everyone know that your support is greatly appreciated. although we have no leads on where she might be the search is still on and we intend to get answers.even if it takes a…Read More

173 Unaccounted for over a 25 month period in T&T

Dear Friends, A media interview with the Minister of National Security at a post-cabinet news conference at the Prime Minister's Office has revealed that thus far 48 persons has been reported missing for the year 2009. Of that amount, 40 has been accounted…Read More
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