Summer Soltice Greetings!

Dear Friends, Another season is here and another expectations too. Our world is undergoing many natural changes which we are all becoming more and more aware. We have also beginning to realize the impact of this changes in our lives and have learned to adapt…Read More

A Mother's Day Message

Ever Dearest Mother's of the World, This is one occasion that humanity find to be truly important. It is so divine to hear that everywhere and in the whole world is in fact celebrating it. We, are taking this one special moment in behalf of all the members…Read More

A New Era is taking Place.

Anthony A. D'Jesus just posted a video to your cause, Support and Respect the Women of the World. ( As we may all know ~ There has always been two sides in every coin. And this video will help us see the…Read More

A Message of the Season.

A new season is here - Spring time, a time to re-start our life. Bringing new light, inspiration and renewed love into our lives. Wishing everyone a good and prosperous days ahead and teaming up with good vibes and energetic individuals as we move…Read More

Women Empowerment.

This Cause that we belong has only one objective in mind, and that is to raise an awareness of the real role, true importance and our perception of what Women should be. . We do not engage in monitary soliticitation though it may help to the cause where many…Read More

New Year's Greetings!!

Dear Supporters and Members, 2010 is already up and running! Wishing each and everyone a brighter months ahead. Let's continue to do all the good works we've been working on and help spread this awareness that RESPECT for our fellowmen without distinction of…Read More

It is the Season of Love & Hope...

The Season of Love & Hope.. I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season ~ In the spirit of peace, unity, love & respect! May we gracefully acknowledge, that it is this very thing we call LOVE is the only answer for the problems of our…Read More
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