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If anyone would like to become an admin please let me know you must know alot about how to work join these groups ti give help to people who dont and the other position you have to know alot abou 9/11 to give info to member Sincerely Anthony…Read More

New Photo Posted!! Tell us what you think for a possible emblem for the Cause!!

Karen LaManna just posted a photo to your cause, REMEMBER SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/222319?m=6488e20b): Thanks, Karen LaManna 8em 9-1-01 (http://media.causes.com/745697?m=6488e20b&s=email) Stop receiving emails from the cause…Read More

Re: Contest

I left out that the winner of the contest will have there photo placed as the cause photo Sincerely, Anthony Krivicic ~~~~~~~~~~ Primary Admin. ---------------------- Karen LaManna ~~~~~~~~~~~ Secondary Admin.

September 11, 2001

I want to thank you all for joining and a special thanks to 1. Donna Rossomando-Mattera 41 recruited 2. Jessica Centanni 33 recruited 3. Matt Tinker 31 recruited 4. Meghan Turner 30 recruited 5. Sophie Perdoehl Hald 27 recruited who are currently the top 5…Read More


Please take the cause challenge by inviting all your friends. Sincerely, Anthony Krivicic ~~~~~~~~~~ Primary Admin.

thank you

hello to all i want to thank you all for all th recruits and if you could get some more that would be great thanks Sincerely, Anthony Krivicic ~~~~~~~~~~ primary admin


hello to all please invite all your facebook friends only 38 more people needed to reach the new pixel size thenk you Sincerely, Anthony Krivicic ~~~~~~~~~~ Primary Admin.
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