Hi all!

I apologize that I have been MIA for a while. I was under the impression that this cause was merged with our other pages. My mistake. A new petition was created almost 2 years ago. It is located here:…Read More

Congratulations to ALL of you! ;)

Hi friends! We are writing with an update on our petition. We currently have a combined total of 336 signatures. Thats WONDERFUL! Thank you all for your hard work, efforts and support to help us end legal child trafficking!! Please continue to share the…Read More

The Only Colorado CPS & ASFA Reform Group

***For those of you in Colorado who are dealing with, or have dealt with, CPS issues we've created the first group in Colorado for support and awareness of the issue in our state. I tried to "invite" some folks, turns out that's FB code for "make them…Read More

When someone said "Petitions get you nowhere", I decided to do a little research

Just for educational purposes, petitions have, in part, helped many famous acts of legislation pass through Congress. Heres one: Social Security Act www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/USARsocial.htm But I digress, and will remove the petition link nonetheless as…Read More

Members, Adding as Friends

Hello friends, I'm writing for a couple reasons. I wanted to send an FYI that I'm attempting to add each of you as friends on my regular FB account so that you can view daily updates, notices and petition/website related info. It's taking some time as there…Read More

Regarding the Petition for Reformation of the Adoption and Safe Families Act

Hi again friends. I spoke with a rep from FB causes today. I find it ridiculous but we are not given access to the petition info until I decide I have enough signatures and need it all printed out. Instead of having you sign it here, PLEASE click on the link…Read More


Hello friends!!!!! I just wanted to stop in and thank each one of you for supporting our cause!!!! We are now up to 1,067 members!!!! AWESOME!!!! We STILL only have 348 signatures on our petition though. The petition will help make changes to the Adoption and…Read More
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