PICS festival 2012 - May 19th

Hello! Refocus will be taking part in this year’s PICS festival, celebrating the role that photography can play in changing society for the better. For more info on the festival please look here:…Read More

Youth exchange present their work

7pm @ Brixton village, unit 45 and Agile Rabbit Pizzeria the Refocus/198 youth exchange will be presenting their amazing work, please come. A collaboration between Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi and British youth

Syria - London Youth exchange 2011

Refocus is proud to announce the youth exchange programme, 10 students will be coming to London this month for an week of cultural activities working alongside adolescents in Lamberth area. The programme is part of the British Council youth in Action and a…Read More

Refocus in Scotland

hello everyone! I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer sun! I just wanted to share with you our latest exhibition in Edinburgh film house as part of Reel Festival, please follow the link for more…Read More

Exhibition- Porto

Hello everyone! I would like to invite you all to the opening of our exhibition, "My Camera, Our Fingerprint" in Porto, Portugal. The event will open on Tuesday 7th at 6pm in Espaco Gesto, I know that many people don't live in the area, however it is thanks…Read More

camera calling

Hello everyone, The festive season is coming and for many of you that may mean hopes of new and beautiful cameras... Nikon, Canon, Olympus! We would like to take your old or unwanted cameras into our refocus home, and take them on new and exciting…Read More

London display of "Bridging the Gap"

Hello! Calling all Londoners! If you are in the area then please check out 198 gallery near Brixton. We are displaying a selection of images from our project 'Bridging the Gap' at 198 gallery in Herne Hill. It is a window display and all images are for…Read More
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