The latest at ReefDoctor

Hi all, We've been very busy over the last few months at ReefDoctor and have just put together a massive update about all the things that are going on over in Madagascar at our marine conservation project. Take a look at…Read More

Our Coral Reef Restoration Project

Click here ( to find out about our on-going coral reef restoration project to assist the natural recovery of degraded and damaged coral reefs in Madagascar.

The very first edition of our newsletter, "Resources."

Welcome to the first edition of the ReefDoctor biannual newsletter, Resources. For this first edition, we decided to go back a couple of years and included stories that highlight much of the progress that has been made from 2011-2013 throughout the Bay of…Read More

New video from ReefDoctor Volunteer Amy Dingler showing the reef of the Bay of Ranobe

This is a new video posted by one of our recent volunteers from the USA Amy Dingler who spent three months (April to June) volunteering with us As she says - ''On the weekends we would go on fun dives and this video is a collection of the footage I took…Read More

new video showing volunteers time with us and in Madagascar

update on updates

we apologise for the lack of updates over the past 11 months but a lot has been going on and we are stretched for resources. We hope soon for it to ease up and more communication to flow. ReefDoctor is rest assured continuing its great work in SW Madagascar.

ReefDoctor Project Update Madagascar - Miamby Fano marine turtle conservation project

Dear All members From all the ReefDoctor team we wish you all a very Happy 2011 and our continued thanks to everyone for supporting the ReefDoctor team and project in the Bay of Ranobe SW Madagascar. Under the direction of Miss. Emma Gibbons our long…Read More
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