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Reduce potential cancer-causing ingredient in soda

Caramel Coloring, an ingredient that makes your cola brown, may be dangerous to your health.

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High levels of carmel coloring potentially dangerous for soda drinkers.

Pepsi One has too-high levels of carcinogen suspect: report

NY Daily News
AP/J. David Ake The FDA says it is conducting new studies of the safety of caramel coloring in soft drinks and other foods, even though previous research has shown no identifiable health risk. The Food and Drug Administration says there's no reason to believe that the coloring added to sodas is unsafe. But the agency is taking another look…Read More

I think that there should be national standards for these dangerous additives.

Caramel coloring chemical linked to cancer found in sodas

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Bottles of Pepsi sit in a cooler at a 76 gas station on March 25, 2013 in San Francisco, California. New tests of Pepsi One by Consumer Reports revealed "too high" levels of a caramel coloring chemical, 4-MeI, that's been linked to cancer. Justin Sullivan, Getty Images Consumer Reports is warning the caramel coloring that gives cola its brown…Read More

Consumer Reports: Too many sodas contain potential carcinogen

Consumer Reports: Too many sodas contain potential carcinogen

Consumer Reports: Too many sodas contain potential carcinogen By William Hudson, CNN updated 9:49 AM EST, Thu January 23, 2014 STORY HIGHLIGHTS Consumer Reports warns about caramel coloring found in many soft drinks California limits manufacturers to 29 micrograms of 4-Mel exposure per day Consumer Reports says tests show two products…Read More

Would anyone like some 4-methyliminazole in their caramel-colored soft drink?

FDA to review safety of chemical found in some soft drinks
The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing the safety of caramel colorings used in a variety of foods, including colas and other dark soft drinks, to determine whether the agency should act to limit consumers' exposure to a chemical created during the manufacturing process. The agency's announcement Thursday came in response to a Consumer…Read More
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