Veterans for Weed United

Veterans for Weed is a website dedicated to the veterans who have been prosecuted, punished, or hurt by the simple fact that they smoke weed. Weed is not an enemy, and the constant aggression towards this "illicit" drug is mind boggling. Please support the…Read More

Disabled Iraq War Veteran Facing Life in Prison for Less than 1 Ounce of Marijuana

Geronimo, OK — "After serving three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Kristoffer Lewandowski was medically and honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. He is now a 100% disabled veteran because of the severity of his PTSD. Since he has gotten out, the VA…Read More

U.S. government admits it poisoned soldiers with Agent Orange after decades of denial

(NaturalNews) At long last, following years of delay, the U.S. government has finally admitted that it poisoned its own troops in Vietnam decades ago through the mass use of the herbicide known as "Agent Orange." Learn more:…Read More

National Holiday for All Native American Code Talkers

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have an issue that is very important to the Native American people and our Government. I think that there should be a National holiday for the Native Code-talkers. Our government never gave them full recognition for the saving of our…Read More

Oak Flat Protesters Plan March on Washington to Protest Apache Land Grab

Tribal elders were among hundreds who gathered at Oak Flat last weekend to protest the land swap that gave Resolution Copper mining rights under a sacred site. Among them, left to right, were Audrey Johnson, San Carlos Apache Chairman Terry Rambler’s mother;…Read More

Our People Deserve a National Native American Holiday

The Native American people deserve a Federal Native American Day to help recognize the many things they have done for the United States. Many do not know that if not for the Navajo Code-Talkers that our United States would not be flying the American flag but…Read More

Petition: Limit Congressional Pay and Benefits

This is a petition to send to Congress, demanding that they pass a Constitutional amendment that limits their pay, pensions, and health benefits to that of the average American citizen, who pays their salary. The average member of Congress makes quadruple…Read More
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