Join Tonight's chat

Tonight's Sunday Sober Chat series will be hosted by author Joshua Lyon. His book Pill Head just released earlier in the month and is receiving a lot of deserved media attention. Joshua was recently featured on Good Morning America, the Huffington Post,…Read More

Sunday Sober Chat hosted by "The Frugal hen".

Hey folks, We have another great chat session planned this Sunday, at 8pm EST. The hostess is Betty, the hen behind the blog, Frugal Hen without a Rooster. Her blog profile describes herself as; Stream of…Read More

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month and TSR has been contributing by sharing daily stories, submitted by a range of people, all struggling with alcohol, some in their first two weeks of sobriety, some in their 8th year. April 9th is National Alcohol Screening…Read More


We have another donor tonight...Amanda Stuart Hopson comes in with the first response donation. We're on a roll, people. Let's keep up the momentum. I'm setting a new goal of 5,000 by Nov. 15. Think we can do it? You know we can. Share the awesomenessness of…Read More

Our Big Donor!!!

Hey, everyone, let's give a shout out to our BIGGEST (and only SO FAR via the 'book) DONOR, Greg Herrington!!! Now, let's see who can meet that amount and raise it even higher. We NEED to keep the site free and vibrant and supportive to thousands of folks who…Read More
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