I'm here to bug you all again!!

Hello everyone! Wow, okay... 9,318 members!!! FANTASTIC! Thank you everyone...... Now do one little favour for me please, join us on our Facebook page where we hold auctions and raffles and we promote our fundraising afternoons! Here's the link:…Read More

Come On Folks!!

Hello again everyone! I'm here to bug you all, but i really need your support! Please can you all click the link below and join us on our Facebook…Read More

We need MORE!

Morning everyone! We've got a brand new Facebook Page! Just put the following in to your address bar and click 'like': https://www.facebook.com/pages/Raising-Funds-for-Raigmore-SCBU/279181118775239?sk=wall&filter=1 It would be greatly appreciated if you…Read More

Hello Everyone!

Hi everyone! It's been a while since this has been updated so i thought it was about time!! Please pop over to our new page ~ 'Raising Funds for Raigmore SCBU' ~ Just do a Facebook search and you will find the page! It's a place to share your babies photos…Read More


Hello All!! So, who all came to the fundraiser on Sunday?? We had a cracking day and raised a few pennies for SCBU & Children's ward... £318 on the day to be exact! And once we get in all of the sponsor money for the lads that got waxed it will be over…Read More

Family Fundraising Afternoon - SCBU and Children's Ward

Well everyone! Here it is! Grebe Hall on the 10th of April, 2 days after my princesses first birthday, we have the fundraising afternoon! It starts at 12 and finishes at 4. I have to say a major, huge, massive thank you to Vicky Lewis who has been a total…Read More

SCBU Family Fundraising Afternoon

Hello all! I am very very very happy to see that we now have over 7,000 members! Well done everyone on adding friends =D Myself and a close friend, Angela, have come up with the idea of a Family Fundraising Afternoon. I have already contacted someone in my…Read More
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