Give a minute

Donate to the QC PAWS cause just by giving a minute of your time. Give a minute and give often. Thank you!

Cause tab

We have a QC PAWS Cause donation tab right on our QC PAWS fanpage now. Now it is even easier to donate to our cause to help the shelter animals. We can always use more cause members, so keep up the good work by asking your animal loving friends to join us.

Thank You!

Thank you for coming on board to support our cause. Do me a huge favor and ask all of your animal loving friends to join us too. In just the past few days since the QC PAWS cause began, we have grown to 67 members. Our shelter animals did not choose to be…Read More


Now we have our own QC PAWS, non-profit, Facebook Cause. Join us and spread the word to all of your Facebook friends.
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