Gunns enters administration

TASMANIAN timber company Gunns could struggle to find a buyer for its troubled businesses in a "hostile environment", an industry analyst said today. Gunns has announced plans to appoint an administrator after failing to secure funds to keep the company…Read More

Pulp mill on chopping block

CASH-strapped timber company Gunns has conceded that its $2.3 billion pulp mill almost certainly will not proceed. The company yesterday said it wrote off the $250 million investment it has made in the Bell Bay project over the past seven years as part of a…Read More

Chandler dumps Gunns deal

Timber! Gunns could be headed for the chipper

George Francis just posted a link to your cause, Say 'No' to Gunns Ltd Pulp-Mill! ( With no improvement in operating conditions on the horizon, and little investor confidence in the company's ability to…Read More

Nordea Update - We did it!

For the first time, Nordea bank announced today that it would not finance the Gunns’ pulp mill in Australia if its widely publicised environmental impacts were not curbed. The announcement, made by Nordea via Twitter, came in response to a two-day blitz of…Read More

No Pulp Mill, Nordea Right now, Scandinavian bank Nordea is considering funding the destruction of forests across the world in Australia -- at a huge cost to both local environment and the global climate. Nordea think that none of their…Read More

Update: Sodra and the Pulp Mill

Wow, what a week! Last Thursday we launched a cyberaction calling on Swedish company Sodra to commit to not joining with Gunns Ltd to build the Tamar Valley pulp mil. More than 4,000 signatures and two days later, Sodra released a statement confirming any…Read More
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