Medical Marijuana in the Florida HOUSE AND SENATE!!!

Please make sure you are contacting your Representatives urging them to support and co-sponsor HJR 353 and SJR 1028! If we get these two pieces of legislation passed, Medical Marijuana will be on the 2012 Florida Ballot! You can find out how to contact your…Read More

Don't Let Rep Baxley Let The Florida Medical Marijuana Bill Die!

We must act Now if we Want HJR1407 to pass! Please call and ask Rep Baxley to schedule a hearing for HJR1407, even if he is not your Rep - 850-488-0335. He is a Christian advocate and owns a funeral home. "Thank you for your time. I am calling to ask…Read More

HJR 1407 Gives Floridians the Right to Vote on Medical Cannabis IF Passed - Have you Called your Representative, yet?

Make sure you are contacting your representatives urging them to co-sponsor HJR 1407 so Floridians can have to right to vote on Medical Cannabis. They Need to hear from you!! "As a Constituent of Honorable ____, I want to urge him/her to co-sponsor and…Read More

First Committee Hearing For Medical Marijuana in Florida at 8am!!

We made it to the committee hearings!! Here is where we really have to step up our efforts. Over 50% of all bills die in Committee. We need them to support this! Make sure your State Representative supports HJR 1407 - Find yours here: "Support…Read More

We have less than 60 Days to Ensure Florida Gets Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana in Florida! Support HJR 1407! Call Dean Cannon 850-488-1450 - Urge him to put the bill before a committee! This bill will DIE if we don't convince him to put it before a Committee.. Don't let that happen! We have less than 60 days to make…Read More

HJR 1407 - Medical Use of Cannabis in Florida

We have less than 60 days of hard work to make this pass! Contact Dean Cannon to put this before a committee before the bill dies at 850-488-1450! After being in Tally and meeting with a lot of the reps, they support the issue but honestly don't believe…Read More

Medical Marijuana Legislation in Florida

See you in Tallahassee for the Press Conference!! Patients - email us to have your story shared! [email protected]
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