Assembly Update

Hi Folks, While it isn't good, the Assembly bill on prisons is probably about the best we can expect until we can change our political culture. You can read more about the current state of things…Read More


Hi Folks, We probably shouldn't be surprised by now, but the Governor and Legislature have a new scheme to hide from their irresponsibility on public safety. The bill on the floor today not only doesn't have sufficient safeguards against early release of…Read More

Keeping the pressure on...

Your hard work helped stop one form of ill-considered early release, but we're unfortunately not out of the woods yet. The target for reduction of the state prison population is now over 27,000, over 15% of the total. Some of this is slated to be done…Read More

Next Action Alert

Thanks again to those of you who joined the Protecting California Communities cause when we set it up a while ago, and welcome to those who joined more recently. We are making progress, but this is a critical time. There are now 18 Assembly members who might…Read More

Time for Direct Action...

Thank you for joining the Protect California Communities cause -- now that we're in the waning hours of the budget fight, we need you to contact the following eleven legislators listed below (including posting on their Facebook walls) with this message: Vote…Read More
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