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The Internet should remain free and open to all, not manipulated by governments and corporate monopolies

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    Fight for the Future is dedicated to expanding the Internet's transformative power for good. Our…Read More

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Fight For The Future
Fight For The Future Campaign leader

FFTF campaign director Evan Greer published this op-ed in The Hill yesterday with a little reminder for Congress: “You can fool some of the…Read More

Congress: You can’t fool the public on net neutrality

There’s this quote from Abraham Lincoln: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”  It popped into my head last week, when the House and Senate held a two-ring circus on the subject of net neutrality. Net neutrality is a basic underlying…Read More
Fight For The Future
Fight For The Future Campaign leader

It's hard to be on the cover of The Boston Globe these days if you are not snow. But we did it!

Outsider group from Massachusetts helped shift the net neutrality fight - The Boston Globe
WORCESTER – From a stuffy attic in this former industrial city, Tiffiniy Cheng and her friends hatched plans to save the Internet. Fight for the Future, the name they later bestowed on their group of 30-something idealists, stirred an online advocacy movement that swayed President Obama, influenced the Federal Communications Commission, and…Read More
Fight For The Future
Fight For The Future Campaign leader

We've got some major momentum. Now lets make sure Chairman Wheeler and Congress do the right thing for net neutrality.

The FCC has now received 3 million net neutrality comments

Washington Post
The Federal Communications Commission has just released an updated count of how many comments it's received on net neutrality — and the number completely blows the previous estimate out of the water. To date, the public has filed 3 million comments on the matter, the agency confirmed Monday. That's more than double the last official count of 1.48…Read More
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