Three years' probation with no jail time, plus a $1,500 fine.....

I am left speechless..... I want to say so many things, to SHOUT so many things..... ....but then..... []

... forensic Archaeologists William Haglund wore a tie during the unearthing, as he always has at human gravesites, as a sign of professionalism and respect for the dead....

"As a result of the leaked report, the SPCA mobilized a near-unprecedented gathering of top forensic experts, a group accustomed to investigating human murder scenes.... ....Collectively, they have seen some of the worst atrocities mankind can inflict to…Read More

"..Among his duties, he occasionally EUTHANIZED (why not plain KILLED?) animals (why not call them by what they were? DOGS)..." - The WorkSafeBC report!!!

"... in the past, his practise when euthanizing a dog was to take it for a walk in the woods and give them a nice meat meal to distract them. That would make for a calm environment and kept the dogs away from the general population so as not to disrupt them.…Read More

Second court date hearing of June 19th was a no-show for executioner Bob Fawcett. New date set by the court is for August 16th.

The executioner Bob Fawcett did not appear to enter a plea at his second court date hearing in North Vancouver June 19. Fawcett is charged with causing unnecessary pain or suffering to an animal and if he is found guilty he could be fined up to $10,000 and…Read More

War grave experts exhume bodies of 100 sled dogs killed by tour operator Bob Fawcett in post Winter Olympics massacre.

A team of war grave experts have exhumed the remains of 100 sled dogs who were killed by a tour operator in a post Winter Olympics massacre. The specialists, who have dug up graves in Rwanda and Iraq, will dig for the huskies near to the ski resort Whistler,…Read More

"100 UNHEALTHY dogs"? - "QUALITY of life decision"? - Interview with owner of "Outdoor Adventures" and "Howling Dog Tours" Joey Houssian

Going through this post of the "Vancouver Sun" that Connie brought up, I am struck by at the angle from which the owner of both "Outdoor Adventures" and "Howling Dog Tours" Joey Houssian, presents the MURDER of these sled dogs, as simple as EUTHANISATION of…Read More


"Burden of proof has two distinct meanings; that generally the burden of proof, in the sense of producing evidence, passes from party to party as the case progresses, while the burden of proof in the sense of the obligation to establish the truth of the claim…Read More
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