NEW! Firefox/Chrome Extensions. Shop Amazon to Support Charity without having to Remember.

Download these extensions and let them do all the work for you. The extension we've developed automatically sends 6-8% of everything you spend at Amazon to Promote Africa without charging you an extra penny. They're a way to ask Amazon to donate a portion of…Read More

Art That Saves Lives : : Promote Africa Rewards

Hey everyone, Thanks so much for your involvement over the years.. we really appreciate it, and we'd love to share our latest big presence: now when you donate, you get rewarded--with amazing African art from across the…Read More

Shop Amazon to Support Promote Africa

Hi everyone, Firstly, I wanted to thank you all for being such committed members. 2000+ joined the cause! I can definitely tell how involved you've all been. That's why I think you deserve a break. An easy way to help. Well, how's this: next time you want…Read More

Promote Africa Intern to Work with Low-Income Housing Project

We are happy to announce the placement of our first intern to work with the Namibian Community Skills Development Foundation (COSDEF). Intern Michael Beare will be working with the Namibian Training Authority’s Training Management division to assist COSDEF’s…Read More

Promote Africa Development Partnership Announced

We are extremely proud to be able to announce that we have signed a development partnership with the Namibian Community Skills Development Foundation (COSDEF). COSDEF, funded by the Namibian Training Authority, conducts vocational training initiatives in…Read More

Buy Textbooks (or Anything) on Amazon and help Promote Africa!

If you already plan on using Amazon for your textbook needs this semester, make sure to head to and use the Amazon search bar on the left to help promote Namibia's economic and educational development As an Amazon…Read More
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