It's on now!!! Project R.O.B. in full effect...

To all members who support Project Reclaiming our Boys (R.O.B.) Poject Reclaiming our Boys (ROB) is in full effect!!! Shootings going in the streets of Little Rock, AR; Bullying and gang fights occurring in schools in the city of Atlanta These events are…Read More

Project R.O.B. update

Hey everyone: I just wanted to give you guys a quick update. I am sorry that I have not been in contact with you before now. I have been working diligently to complete my undergraduate degree and to secure a program to start on my Master's in Public…Read More

Project R.O.B.- The movement is alive and well

CONGRATULATIONS TO PROJECT R.O.B. ("Reclaiming Our Boys") for reaching 500 members!!! Thanks to each of you for bringing awareness to the epidemic!!! Please continue to support this cause by inviting your family & friends to join the cause and ordering…Read More

Project R.O.B.

Greetings concerned citizens I trust that this note finds you well. One great author once said that, "affirmation is oxygen for the soul." Therefore, I want to continue to thank you for your continued support. I wanted to drop you a note to give you an…Read More

Project R.O.B. On the move

Greeting statistic changers I commend you all for the tremendous work that you are doing. People are joining the movement daily and it's because of your diligence and hard work. I am asking that each of you work and try to persuade at least 10 of your…Read More

Project R.O.B.- The movement is alive and well

Greetings Concerned Citizens: Once again, I would like to thank you for your concern and for joining Project R.O.B. We are working tirelessly to change the negative statistics that seem to be getting perpetually worse. I would like to thank those of you like…Read More

Project R.O.B. Let's Change the Statistics!

Hello Concerned Citizens, thank you all for joining the cause-Project Reclaiming our Boys (R.O.B.). By the mere fact that you have joined this cause indicates that you have a deep concern for what is going on with our young people. They are rapidly becoming…Read More
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