Nadia Taylor

I am an outgoing, funny, adventurous, but yet relaxed kind of a girl. i like to do spontaneous things, because well... i am spontaneous!!! :) i enjoy pretty much anything outdoors-camping, hiking, swimming, rafting, fishing etc. I like to enjoy life as much as possible, because it's a gift from God, that can be taken any time. I like to try new things, travel, visit new places, and try to make people laugh. i like to make people feel welcome, and make them feel like who they really are...someone special. The Lord has on my heart, to serve, and to bless women who are pregnant. I licensed and a certified as a Birth Doula- which is basically a labor birth coach/assistant! I have been at 9 births, 7 in America and 2 in the Philippines! I plan to further my education and training and also to love God's people, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ around the world, and by making a difference in improving the maternal health and reduce the Maternal and infant mortality rate. I teach childbirth, nutrition and sanitation classes in the 10/40 window (developing countries) and delivering and assisting women in birth labor. :] Currently i am with YWAM (Youth With A Mission), from the Salem, Oregon base. I am in a ministry called Pro Revelation 5:9, who's passion is to make known and send out missionaries to the 10/40 window, (the most unreached people in the world) ...who have little to no access to the Bible or hearing who Jesus is and what He has done for them. I have been to....England, Mexico, Canada, Philippines, India, Thailand, Austria and Germany so far!