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Stop Government Spying! Fight Back Against The Nsa

Require the Organization of American States (OEA - Organización de Estados Americanos) the implementation of the Inter-American Democratic Charter as a way to stop the Cuban and Russian interference in Venezuela now. Since the arrival of Mr. Nicolas Maduro president, who by the way that I do not recognize as president of Venezuela attached to Article 350 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (Constitution), Venezuelans have seen has increased interference by Cuban agents, many of them belonging to the Cuban G2, in our public institutions including some distinctly exclusive jurisdiction of Venezuelans as is the military in general and the National ID and immigration, all this before the complacent gaze of the public authorities and the legislative, electoral, judicial, moral coordinated all under the orders of the executive leaders who violate the independence and autonomy of national authorities, all with the aim of giving a legal basis and democratic appearance in the eyes of the world. Moreover, since the arrival of Mr. Maduro same president, the Venezuelan general have been living in a progressive deterioration of our quality of life, because the national government has been engaged in the destruction of the national productive apparatus dirty wars as harassment, threats and psychological warfare the private business sector in general that has come in an unbearable situation of scarcity of basic products needed for daily use as milk, bread flour, toilet paper and cleaning products in general necessary in our everyday life. In addition to this, we have also seen as increased exaggerated exponentially insecurity product of the irresponsibility of the national government for lack of programs that effectively combat the latter, the national government towards gaining popularity weapon groups of affected people he called tour groups and instructed the security force and law enforcement to let them act with impunity what has now generated more crime because this situation has escaped control the national government who aims to be the indifferent eye to the wave of crimes, robberies and assaults on the general calling many of these crimes as gang warfare. Venezuela is a country that has ratified the OAS the precepts and principles made ​​at the Inter-American Democratic Charter and the above reasons the government has become unconstitutional and violates this and our CRBV , including violation of the human rights of all Venezuelans and foreigners that live in our country, it , coupled with the fact that seek to impose one system CASTRO- COMMUNIST CUBA BEAN orchestrated under the coordination and cooperation of the Cuban government as its main figure is RAUL CASTRO , which Venezuelans tired of so much humiliation , abuse of power and daily unbearable situations have decided to raise our voices in protest and have demanded the resignation of President we consider an unconstitutional and anti - democratic as is Mr. Nicolas Maduro , who by others, is considered a citizen of Colombian origin which prevents the position and today holds that violate our CRBV Art. 227 I copy reads: "Article 227 to be elected President of the Republic must be Venezuelan by birth, no other nationality be older than thirty, a layman and not subject or subjected to any conviction by final judgment and comply with other requirements set forth in this Constitution. " For this and many, but many, more reasons to extend too much the object of what is proposed here that I decided to start this international campaign, that Venezuelans have called SOS VENEZUELA.

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