Eileen Fleming

Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for USA's TADN, Author, Reporter, Founder http://www.wearewideawake.org/

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    Tanya Kasim
  • Mares Hirchert

    I am a peace activist who believes that destroying people's dignity by destroying their homes, schools, roads etc. is not the way to peace. The military has got to be replaced with civilian diplomats who treat people as human beings with human rights. 27 foot walls, illegal settlements, apartheid policies, unequal treatment of citizens, military supremacy has not brought the two sides anywhere near to peace with justice. The village of Al Aqaba is a peaceful place and deserves to be treated with dignity. We have supported this village financially through contributing to The Rebuilding Alliance.

  • no_gmo
    Ancka DanLehrer

    I hope the mankind will save & spare all animal & human lives for their intrinsic value!

  • Kamal Haless
  • lesbian
    Shadi Hammad
  • Piet Viljoen
  • ows
    Nehad Abu Arab
  • dolphins_rock
    Bill Clark
  • John Tyrrell

    I currently work in a voluntary capacity as an advocate supporting individuals against injustice. Formerly a councillor on Birmingham City Council i left the Labour Party and joined the Socialist Labour Party led by Arthur Scargill who fought against Thatcher's attack on working people. I have three beautiful grandchildren and I want to see them grow up in an unpolluted world where human values prevail over greed and injustice.

  • Jack Hunt
  • no_nukes
    Oddveig Skotte

    Welcome to [email protected] Antique Horseshoe Luck 120y+ Share? You Natural Rights Duties Bookblog Love Life Orgasm Troll Nature Soul Dream Hope Yoga FREEMVJCNOW

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    Karlton D.Jones
  • increase_border_security
    Roaring Tiger Hiding DraGun

    Staunch animal rights benefactor

  • keep_abortion_legal
    Nancy Ellison
  • gun_control
    Joe Meadors
  • peace
    Sam S Sosa
  • keep_abortion_legal
    Eric Lamy
  • power_fist
    Caroline Hope
  • animal_rights
    Michael Taylor

    I believe in "Truth, Justice and the American Way!" ~ Superman.

  • gadsden_flag
    Tulay Tuncay

    Passionate yet grounded, interesting and interested, a fighter but a lover, a teacher yet an eternal student, defender of the defenseless, if I am anything, I am originally me.

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