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My family and I Rescued our dog Hero 2 year a ago. HE WAS LEFT ED IN EMPTIED APARTMENT . WITH no food or water , left ed to be starved to death !!! Found out from a rescue animals lady !! SENT ME A PICTURE OF HERO AND HE WAS JUST BONES , EVERY BODY BONE YOU COULD SEE!! TOOK HIM TO OUR VET (EMERGENCY) APPOINTMENT! ! WE WERE LUCKY FOR NOT BEING TOO LATE OR HE WOULD BE PUT DOWN OR GONE IF NOT FOUND SOON !!!! NOW HE IS A VERY HAPPY, SO LOVABLE , playful Pitt bull !!! We love him so much!!! Blessing to my family and me !! So please sign to stop cruelty to animals !! Let's work together to stop this!!! Have them spayed and chip too, to stop the over population of animals! ! Thank you for your time to read my story !!! Blessings! ! Rescuer !!!

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