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Children Should Recite The Pledge Of Allegiance At The Start Of Each School Day

I believe most of you only know me via the internet, and on occasion a family member or two will go along with a lot of the things I believe in. I was brought up in a time when people here in America believed we where the greatest country in the world and we were proud to go to school and say The Pledge of Allegiance as loud as we could to be louder then the class next door, and it meant something. We did not worry to much in my household about being upper class or middle class, hell we were way at the bottom, but we were American and that meant something. Three boys living in a 10x 8 room in a two bedroom house, know one cared we were American and we believed in GOD. I suppose I could go on and relive my past (unhappy) but that was then, but in the past 6 years Evil decided it was time to show it's ugly face here in America and chased God away. It may not be a big deal to some that God was chased out of our schools, work places, our military and even our Government. It only takes less then a minute to recite the pledge, but to regain our country saying the Pledge might be the first step to getting our God ordained country back.

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