Debrah Lynne Brooks

Our Father Yahweh has asked u all to come here in Bristol, Tennessee, we need u all here for the time is short we need u here as soon as u all can make arrangements to prepare for the caught up time in the fall feasts of unfulfiled feast of tabernacle/the sukkoth, booths stable will be set up our Father Jah will provide all necessary means in all measures just ask him and tell him to Jehovah Jireh our provider i have home provisions here showers and foods and any nescessities here leave there as our father says and do this immediately for we will be in the rivers and lakes bringing in all the fish to prepare them in salvation and baptism to receive their heavenly bodies, for the caught up time. do not think on this just do as father asks and he will take care of the rest just believe u receive this word from Yahweh Yeshua is here now with Elisha we need u all here who know this word to be true in the name of our Father in heaven, Yahweh, & his son, Yeshua the Christ, and the Holy Ghost amen [:)] Like · · Share Beh Ruben Meh likes this. Lynne Brooks 269 Dairy Circle, Bristol, Tennessee. 423-930-5991 call me as soon as u can to let me know u received this word from Yahweh, Yeshau the Holy Ghost with in is new creature as Elisha/Yeshua many othes of wilderness parished A woman named Weeping Willow Yoshaway, is now complete in new creature her self with Debrah lynne Brooks Prophetess/Troubler of last days church bodies/not buildings Amen ! [:)] 12 minutes ago · Like Lynne Brooks DECEMBER 21, 2012 IS THE REIGN IN OF HORROR EVIL UPON THIS EARTH UNLIKE ANY IN HISTORY U MUST LISTEN AND HEED YAHWEHS VOICE WITH IN PROPHETESS/TROUBLE OF LAST DAYS CHURCH BODIES/NOT BUILDINGS THIS IS A WORD OF OUR FATHER JEHOVAH JIREH THE HOLY GHOST WITH DEBRAH CREATED NEW AFTER WATER BAPTISM IS ELISHA/YESHUA WOMAN WARRIOR NAMED YOSAWAY OF ALL INDIAN NATIONS THEY ARE AND WRE CRETED DIFFERENT AS SPECIAL MESSENGERS OF ME JAH, WHO WERE SLAUGHTERED BY SATAN AND HIS, DECEIVED BY WHITE MEN, THE BLACK SAINTS AS WELL SLAUGHTERED FOR WE AS MARTIN LUTHER KING HAVE SEEN THE GLORY OF OUR LORD WITHIN AND ON OUR MOUNTAINS IN OUR MOUNTAINS OF TENNESSEE U MUST HEED THIS WARNING MESSAGE FOR CAUGHT UP TIME IS IN OCTOBER SOME TIME, THE APPEARING OF THE ANTI CHRIST WILL BE/AS THE MAYANS PREDICTED AS IN DECEMBER 21, 2012 THIS IS YOUR GREAT I AM TELLING U HEED MY WORD NOW AND COME I WILL AS JEHOVAH JIREH PROVIDE ALL PROVISIONS BELIEVE U RECIEVE AS PROPEHTESS TROUBLER SINCE SHE WAS CREATED 1ST IN HER SOUL MY SPECIAL MESSENGER BORN TO LARRY DAWSON NOW IN HEAVEN AND TO HER MOTHER VELMA JEAN WISE WISEMAN, IS WHAT SHE HAS ALWAYS KNOWN HERSELF TO BE, SET APART TO HELP THOSE IN DEEP ADDICTIONS TO METH AND ALL OTHER SUBSTANCES TO PREACH WORSHIP AND SAVE THEIR LIVES TO BRING THEM UP IN THIS TIME OF JOEL 2:28; 2:25 IF U DO NOT HEED THIS WORD U WILL BE LEFT BEHIND IN MY NAME YAHWEH SO LET BE WRITTEN, SO LET IT BE DONE, IN THE LAMBS BOOK MY SONS NAME YESHUA CHRIST, HA'MASHIACH AMEN SO BE IT .. . L... .. .. .. ...... .. ... D ..L .... B ....DONE IT IS FINISHED THIS AGE END .... Y .. Y. H. G. END :0)