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Start A Petition To Pass A Law Against Domestic Violence

Im a survivor of domestic abuse.. i want to save lives, im a mentor ,motivational speaker,encourager, inspirational speaker, it becomes an emotional rollercoaster being in a relationship with someone who abuses you physically,mentally,socially, emotionally ,verbally, it affects you ,plus your children, family, close friends .. i've been in 3 relationships involving abuse , nose broke, burnt,bitten,hit with tire irons, stepped on,kicked,pushed ,hair pulled ,spit on, bruised,cuts, gashes,scars from being punched,dragged, hit in the face with a tire iron,knocked unconcious,choked,force to have sex when i did'nt want too, punched in my head after i had my son only 4 days old in my arms, gun pulled on me put to my head tied up ,i support a law for domestic abuse , i survived only because i spoke out , i sought help , i finally stop protecting them and spoke out , yes it traumatizes you, scars you emotionally,mentally,physically you have nightmares,fears,anxieties, shut-down ,depressed, trust issues, low self-esteem, but i found peace after i realize im worth more than being abuse taking it, accepting it, im alive today by prayer, Gods Grace And Others ,No one deserves being abused ,hurt ,no one..

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