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Oshun Dele

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Abolish 'stand Your Ground' And 'shoot First' Laws

Everyone has a right to self-defense, and each & every state specifies the circumstances under which individuals can use deadly force in defense of themselves or others. Since 2005, there has been special interest groups such as American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the National Rifle Association (NRA) that has been on a crusade to fight and influence laws which have made it much easer to assert self-defense even when the “defender” could have easily backed off and prevented violence. So these so called laws are supposed to protect the common citizen(s) of violent crimes, but they have been found to actually increase violent crime rates. Moreover, rather than protecting victims of crime, in certain states, these laws go so far as to allow a person to use deadly force in an altercation in which that person was the original aggressor. Now in the Florida's Stand Your Ground law, tends to encourage the average citizen to shoot first and ask questions later. Self-defense claims have tripled there since the law was enacted. To curb this unprecedented escalation in use of deadly force, any states can adopt policies which amend self-defense laws to require an individual to exhaust all opportunities for retreat, including complying with demands that will not cause physical harm, before using force against another individual. The language in the law can be removed allowing a presumption in favor of a reasonable belief of a threat of physical violence towards another human being. Policies can address a prohibition of the use of an affirmative defense in various circumstances, including where the individual provoked the use of force against himself, where the individual was negligently or recklessly mistaken as to the legality of the use of force. How many innocent people like Trayvon Martin & Jordan Davis have to die in the name of paranoia before we learn that these laws only lead to bloodshed? As of 2014, 25 states have already adopted such laws despite their demonstrated danger. Please tell everyone you know that all states must repeal or reject "Stand Your Ground" laws before more people are murdered for presenting imaginary threats.

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