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Get South Korea To Stop Burning Dogs And Cats Alive

When you look Asian cinema like me who appreciate it, we see that many Koreans live like us in our companies, regularly one discovers good and wonderful actors. In all the films, they show that much love animals and they almost never mention in their texts that sordid and horrible meat trade of dogs or cats. It is terrible and torturing of animals, even if they were stolen because the loss of a pet is priceless for those who are separated. It is a disgrace to accept this in a growing country because it is detrimental to the entire population. The bloody trade in dogs and cats, is anything but a job. By the abominable torture of animals is unacceptable to think that humans can commit them without any matter of conscience and they do not hurt only dogs and cats, but to all those who love them, they force more their own neighborhood to hear screams of agony or atrocious scenes glimpse. It is not written anywhere that the planet must be in the hands of those who torture and massacre animals, they have priority over those who love them and that they must continue to make animals suffer, but also those who love them everywhere, even when it's an illegal trade. We all know that it's easier for cowardly man, instead of being the tormentor, than to be that of his victim.

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