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Send A Card To Survivors & Victims Of #Charleston Massacre

Hello Family, As I watch the news and social media, I can't help but reflect on the tragedy that my family endured 30 years ago but, I remember it as if it happened yesterday. On February 11, 1985 a childhood friend/classmate went into my father's business to rob him of his money. Well for those of you who knew Mr. Eddie Griffin knew he didn't play. My father have feed many families in our community. He paid many light bills and paid some people's rent/mortgage. My father would give any one the shirt off of his back, it didn't matter if you were black, brown, white, red or yellow. Because that was how he was raised to help his fellow man. Here was a young man that my father helped raised in the community and he was trying to rob him. Well my father being the man he was told this "young whipper snapper" that he wasn't going to give him anything and he needed to go home. Well this young man decided he was not going home empty handed and pulled out his gun and cocked it. A struggle ensue the gun went off and my father fell dead to the ground instantly. I was in college at the time, sitting in my dorm room talking with my roommate and friends discssing what we were going to wear to The Black and White Ball for Valentine's Day. I will never forget that devastating call I received from my sister telling me my father was dead. That he was murdered in cold blood and no one knew who the culprit was. It took 6 long months before the police made the arrest and when they did everyone was in shock!! Asking, How could he do such a thing to Mr. Eddie Griffin? Mr. Eddie didn't bother no one, he helped raised all the kids in the community. He always gave to the people in the community and some who didn't live in our immediate community. He was a pillar of the community, a loving husband and the best father a girl could ask for!!!! I could go on and on about my father and his accomplishments, but those of you who knew him, knew all the wonderful things he did to always help others. I just wanted my Facebook Family, the one's who didn't know my father (Mr. Eddie Griffin) to understand why I have to help. No family should ever have to go through tragedies as this. This is why I am asking my Facebook Family to help support these families in prayer, signing a card/petition or giving of your time. I thank you all for allowing me to share my story. May God continue to bless each and everyone of my Family members, all who reads this. Gwendolyn (Gigi) Griffin Odom

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