Asad Rahman

Asad Rahman, Co-founder and International Manager Asad has spent over twenty-five years involved in many facets of Wildland Fire Management. His passion is education, facilitative learning and Fire-line Leadership Instruction. Shortly after high school he embarked upon his first overseas adventure, fell in love with International travel and has become a student of global knowledge and values. Through the years he has balanced his two great loves through seasonal changes: Wildland Fire Management during dry season in the States and International travel in the winter months. In 2004 Asad met and fell in love with Olivia, another Wildland Firefighter and worldly traveler. Asad had just returned from a life-changing trip to Southeast Asia and with great energy and passion shared his travel stories and photographs. It was after their first trip together to Southeast Asia in 2005 that they decided to create Project Enlighten to promote education opportunities for underprivileged youth across the globe. Today Asad is the International Manager of Project Enlighten, he organizes and facilitates the many complexities of the organization and its' programs.

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    I have been involved in volunteerism and public service since I was a youth. I am compelled to help others earn the opportunities that all across the globe deserve in life. I celebrate diversity and accept others for who they are- despite so many beautiful differences.

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