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Nobody Touch The Dog

Why wouldn't this matter to me??? It's on my top 5 most cruel & barbaric ways for a dog (or any animal for that matter) to die!! See the Chinks love their dog meat, but UNLIKE other countries that do eat dogs as well (UNFORTUNATELY), the Chinks think that the dog meat is waaay more tasty when the dogs are tortured before being SKINNED ALIVE!! YES 100% ALIVE!!! First They're tied up with rope/duct tape (their front & back legs), and their muzzles taped up enough so there's just no way that the dogs can protect themselves!!! A lot of the time while already being taped up, they are put into a potato sack, and then they tie the bag up on top, so the dog cannot see, and is TOTALLY HELPLESS! Then these as*ho*es beat the living sh*t out of them for hours on end, with a bat, with a huge tree branch, a club, pretty much whatever they can get their hands on! Keep in mind this cruel/barbaric, and oh so painful practice is done just because these Chinks think that the meat is more tenderized & tastes better when the dogs 'try' to fight back, their muscles are being overworked...therefor way more yummy!! That's when the UNIMAGINABLE happens...after hours of being hit on the head, sides, back, front, EVERYWHERE YOU CAN IMAGINE....for HOURS & then these dogs are so worn out...still they do fight for their lives... This is the part when the Chink Mo'fo's take a sharp blade/sharp knife....and start cutting them. They start from the head, and SLOWLY work their way down. All without any sedatives (of course), because once again, the dogs's muscles tense up during this process, therefor making their meat tastier-YUCK! Why when I share this with some dog/cat lovers...NOT all of them even want to take a sec to fill out the petition against this SH*T?? You mean to tell me you're OK with this???? BY THE WAY YOU CAT LOVERS....They do more cats then dogs. So if you're the type of person that doesn't give a damn one way or the other, and you do not care because its not happening in the US, think happens here everyday!! Are you sick yet??? Not enough...?....then watch one of the videos...I dare you to.. It's one thing to read about it, and totally another to actually watch it being done! Most people turn their cheek, put a blindfold on, and cover their ears, because then they do NOT want to feel the pain that these precious animals go through. Do YOU really want to be one of those? Dead, dumb, and so f'n BLIND??? Be my guest. If u can't help - then u shouldn't be here! PERIOD!

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