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Stop The Harper Government And The Dnd From Taking The Meyers Farm

I have gone through similar issues and basically gave my quarter back to ADC in AB back in the 80's. I did not feel heard so left farming. It has turned out well in the long run, however, it was very disruptive to our family at the time. FCC is rigid and I dealt with them in the 70's, selling out and paying them off as the sign was on the wall. There is a lack of person-hood when rules and finance start being the norm. I feel the pain the Meyer's are enduring right now. I came into the discussion at a time where I have not heard what the basis for this is about. Health becomes a concern and weather plays a huge role. Transition to the next generation is always a difficult process. But it has been done for many years in this country. I pray that the Meyer's be dealt with in a kind loving manner and all is said that needs to be said to get a clean, clear analysis of the facts in the case.

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