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Nobody Touch The Dog

Hi folks, i know you dont want to see/hear/witness any of this especially this time of year but this is a cause that has to be addressed . The barbaric wankers that skin and boil dogs for consumption [while they are still alive] has got to be stopped n stopped now. Every day tossers at select restaurants across China sit down n tuck in to Fido/Rover/Mutley [sick bastards]. This is mans best friend who will love you unconditionally whatever. Anybody that has a dog knows this,they are part of your family, it would be like torturing your own child to death. You dont have to do anything drastic to make a change just tell people bout it n sign the petition, people power does work. Me personally am boycotting anything/everything Chinese,preferably i would rather shoot the bastards who are doing this or better still do the same to them n feed em to the dogs [how do you like them apples]. Anyway its up to you, just remember in some places a puppy isnt just for Xmas, its for boxing day aswell and then sandwiches for the rest of the week..xx

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