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Stop The Yulin Dog Slaughter

Because I rescued a dog that someone torched his face off! I got him surgery, fixed him all up, but don't get me wrong ge had horrible scars and he was terrified of men, he was only six weeks old, i named him Luckie! He was my best friend we went every where together I loved him so much, he was win every aspect my four legged son, I saved him and he saved me when he was about i yeast old i got an illness on my spine and Luckie slept right by side when I was so scared and got me through that horrible illness so was sick for four and a half years that was in 98 than in 2010 I got cancer Luckie was getting old and I thought I was going to loose him he was showing signs of doggy dementia, but when we found out i got cancer he got better as if he was perfect, he got me through chemo, but after I was done with chemo and had stayed a year bed with Luckie at my side always making me smile, as faithful as ever! Finally I feel good enough to try and go back to work so i don't loose my job, Luckie lies down he is now fourteen, he started to cry and stopped eatting, I promised my best god given friend, I would not be selfish and took him to my vet of 20 years and he put the dog i rescued Luckie who rescued me to sleep in my arms in the back seat of my car! My heart hearts for him every day his urn sits so beautiful by my bed, i always wear a all urn necklace with his ashes in it! I love you my Son Luckie i love u

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