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Right Of Free House

Without women human race can't exist in this world. Women are the most abused living things on earth. It is also true that women are the most beautiful creatures on earth, that causes jealousy in the minds of some men who are ignorant, and could not control their minds. "Empowering Women" is one of the way to strengthen their bargaining power , so that they can demand for their rights and freedom. It also help women to demand for a secure and safe atmosphere for their existence.Always create an atmosphere to respect women in their workplace, living environments, public places and everywhere in the world so that their life is protected. Impose severe punishment to those who violate women's rights. Through empowerment try to create an atmosphere where human beings love and respect each other, and try to bring good relationship with men and women. Also try to develop a peaceful atmosphere, so that we, humans can live happily. I support the idea of of Dr. Kiran Bedi to take initiation in this important subject of " Women Empowerment".I wish her all success to make it happen. Thomas Koovalloor

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