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Come on guys as many of you will know will, I took in a German sheppard that had been badly abused, he had been lock in a cupboard and beaten if he barked, he been virtually starve, and although he was long haired we had to have him clipped because his coat was so badly matted that even after many bottles of conditioner we couldn't get through his fur with a comb, when he was clipped we found a massive hole in his side where he had bitten out a massive cyst, and we also found three more cyst on the back of neck and under hid chest, these had to operated on, and the hole in his side took a long long time to repair, He had to have special food to build him up and many injections and lots of vitamins, but we got there in the end. A little bit about Duke, the night he arrived at my property, it was about 10pm, the door bell went I was on my own with my son Aaron whom was in bed fast asleep he was about 3/4 years od, and I was expecting my 2nd child, I went to the door and there stood this chap whom I have never met with this dog he threw the lead at me and said you can bloody look after him I've had enough, he dumped a bag on the floor and walked off, there was a bit more to it but we won't go into that bit, anyway I stood there with this dog realized he hadn't told me his name , so I shouted after him what's his name and he shouted back Duke, I took Duke indoors and looked through the bag where I found a bowl and a discusting filthy dirty blanket that went straight back out into the bin, and I found him a new comfy blanket out of the airing cupboard, there was no food for him, so I found some chicken that we had for dinner and cooked some rice, unfortunately he was as scared as me and refused to eat, so I took him into the lounge I sat on the sofa and called him to me but he wouldn't come he just paced up and down, I realy didn't know what to do, I had never had a dog of my own, we had a beautiful lab at home growing up and she looked after us all as kids, but this was new to me, I sat looking at him and he paced up and down, when all of a sudden the door opened and there was my young son, all I saw was the dog jaws open fly at the door, I closed my eyes and felt emmediatley sick to my stomache when I heard this giggle, I look up and the dog was licking Aaron all over he had his arme tight round his neck and was cuddling Duke saying mummy mummy you got me a dog, the relief was amazing my 3/4 year had done what I couldn't he took the dog in the kitchen and started to hand feed him his food,i gave them half an hour together and then took Aaron back to bed to bed Duke wouldn't leave Aaron so against my better judgement I allowed the dog to remain in with Aaron and I went and sat back in the lounge, after a short while Duke came back into the lounge and came straight to me and licked my hand I gave him a stroke and then he allowed me to give him a cuddle, from the moment he licked my son face he was our dog, RIP Duke you were the best and we love you loads xxx

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