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We Want Justice For Clara The Pitbull

Because its not fair to a breed of dog that has been maligned by human abuse, and over-breeding of dogs who are ill and genetically unsound. All these negative acts are for sheer greed and further harm is caused by the abuse and reporting of deeds created by humans for money alone. They have no thought of these animals being mistreated...and care less. The more bad news that's published, the worse their reputation. They are being banned from several states, and their future looks dim, unless some help is instrumented in their upbringing, and care given to breed only animals who are healthy. I have a Pitbull...the most obedient, smart and wonderful dog I have ever owned (I have had dogs in my family all my life) THese dogs must be cared for and protected, as their reputation is constantly in question. L.M. Doyle ([email protected])

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