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Tell The Media To Stop F#@%Ing With Bernie

It matters to me a great deal because I'm so fed-up with corruption. I have supported Hillary for more than 15 years... And I can't resume my support until: She return the Super-Pac moneys and stops asking for more, she stops supporting Monsanto and when she seriously starts being a leader in forcing investigation, prosecuting and making the guilty pay with their wealth plus severe jail terms for the people involved in the Iraq war... The same for the people involved in the Wall Street scandal... The same for the sectors that refuse to pay the national debt last time that we defaulted at a huge cost in interest and fines to the tune of over US$ 1 billion... And when she fights for defending our whistleblowers heroes... We the people have absolutely ZERO problem with Bernie in this regard and that is one of the big reasons why he is our hero.

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