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End Breed Specific Legislation (Bsl) And Abuse

Pit bulls need to be trained not abused, they also need Love and Respect they need to learn to trust, Pitt Bulls need to be trained not much different than any other breed, all breeds need to be trained but not abused. They also need to be appreciated. There are 2 points I want to make 1. Guns are legal we can own Guns, we can carry guns, but we can't own pit bulls there is something wrong with that. 2. It seems our government has decided that Pit bulls should be illegal in States, Cities, Counties, There have been people abusing pit bulls it seems since the banning of the breed has been put in place, it is almost like it does not matter because they're not legal no one will care. That is what happened with Puppy Doe she was in 5 different homes, she was 2 years old, people were getting rid of her because she was a pit bull and illegal It was not because she was a bad dog or a bad breed. She was sold for $40.00 off of Craigslist to her last owner who hurt her so badly she had to be put to Sleep. This happened to Puppy Doe because Pit bulls are illegal they can’t be in safe loving homes because some people think they are a bad breed, but we can have guns!

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