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Nobody Touch The Dog

If there is anyone that can without a doubt say that your dog would take a bullet for you. You have because you know they will protect you. Then you need to please just take two seconds to sign a petition. I am speaking for all Dogs. I can say with a astonishing amount of proof. There is no such thing as a violent dog. Only people can make them violent. what I want to say is this. I once believed if you owned a Dog, you should not unless you had the money to take it to the vet. I know feel differently. After all the horror & terror these dogs are suffering. Stabbed to death in front of other dogs. Watching a dog be stabbed & still wag it's tail & try to go to the ones hurting him to help him. Beat to death, skinned alive. Thrown in with all the dead dogs. Have it still alive & lift it's head up in agony. With beating & skinned still alive trying so hard to live. These animals are used in dog fights to the death burned alive. Hung and used as punching bags. I can't take it any more. Please you don't need money for a vet, I was so wrong. These dogs need homes good loving nurturing homes. They love so unconditionally. I would rather see someone adopt a dog and love it & feed it so these beautiful animals leave this world when it's there time. Knowing love & kindness from the people they adore & would risk there life for. All they really need are there shots. If you don't own a dog because you think if later down the road about vet bills. Trust me. These dogs suffer so much torture & brutality it is unspeakable. Don't worry about the vet bills. If you have your dog vaccinated & years down the road it gets sick. I know this is terrible of me to say. But I would rather a dog know love kindness & a family that loves them. Than see them die only knowing fear pain. Trauma, terror , unspeakable things that is so bad I can't even write the words. Please the best way to stop most of these brutal crimes, is to get these dogs in homes. Where they are loved & taken care of. Please don't be one of these people who feels bad writes a check & says I have done my part. Yes the money is great. Yes it helps no question. These dogs need to be safe from harm. Safe from these sick demented people who take joy & pleasure out of stabbing , skinning & yes even boiling these dogs alive. Please help me. Save a dog. You will never be sorry. . They have so much love to give & all you have to do is feed it. Then you to will fall in love. They are living in terror. They are being brutally euthanized even here in the USA. Please help me. Please save a dog from this execution. I am begging for every person I can get to understand what is really going on. That's one more dog saved from this brutal I mean brutal act of violence on one more precious innocent animal. Men sit on Death row for murdering our children our Family members. The most unthinkable acts against people. These dogs sit on Death row. Waiting to be stabbed to death. Boiled alive, skinned alive. Terrorized while they are in cages watching each & every dog before there turn suffer this fate. These animals didn't murder any one rape or terrorize anyone. All these animals are guilty of. Is loving you, protecting you, trusting you. Love you with no strings attached. Would die for you. Protect your precious children. Be your best friend. Be there waiting at home just so excited to greet you at the door. So I am going to ask you, PLEASE. I need your help. I am begging you for your help. Please help stop these dogs from being executed for loving the way we all should Love. No strings. Unconditionally. Please don't let them get away with this sick twisted love they have to terrorize & watch our precious dogs be a fun loving game. They say it's for food in China. Watch some of the video's the laughing, then laughing harder because the dog is still alive & trying to get to them to help them. Only to hear the laughter while there dying & then stabbed again. Finally the cries stop, the dog is dragged only to be cut up & mutilated right in front of all the others, awaiting the same fate. They say it is for food. Lousy liars. It's fun to them they take pure joy out of the torture. It is sick beyond belief. I can't beg any more than I have, but I will if it means I can help stop this. I will beg plead, whatever it takes never to see a dog brutalized again. Thank you so much for reading this. I really the dogs really, even I believe God would even say Thank You! I know this is not why god put Dogs on this Earth. Please help us. Paula Stephens

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