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Help Pass My State's Anti Bullying Healthy Workplace Bill

It’s way too long overdue. I’ve seen the damage done to folks I’ve worked with and family members. I have worked at a mine for 27 years. In this rural setting out of the mainstream folks have to tolerate a lot more not only because the rest of the world doesn’t see us but the pay and benefits are often times the best in the area so folks can take a lot of abuse. Depending on who you are and your values the abuse will be more or less. I can provide a detailed letter to the United Nations that outlines how my brother was treated when he asked for the safety department to look into a concern, and how he was labeled mentally ill, railroaded off work for 2 years. Upon company Dr.’s release he was denied to come back to work, he was labeled crazy. Only the EEOC was able to get him back. He had promised to Dr. not to be controversial in any way for 2 years was the deal to get a release. He left work early at age 46 (bad hip) he was crippled. They had cut man power in his area and he was over worked. A few years later at about 50 years old he was totally broken because of his losses and unjust treatment over the years, mentally, physically, socially and financially broken…he has lost everything he had ever worked for or dreamed of. Note: He managed to raise 4 wonderful children that all graduated Valedictorians. I have in recent times written grievances, filed un fair labor practices and represented folks that have been treated very unfairly by the employer, removed from their normal job, manipulating in many ways to try and get people to leave the department or quite the job etc. 1997 was when I started the process of pushing back. My father suffered most of his adult life with a condition called Agoraphobia. This was brought on by the people in his work place. He would be sick every day, stomach and bowels. He left the work place early because he was too sick, he was forced into a managerial role. That was the end of him. He claimed when he left that he was owed 1000 hours comp. time. He died at 60 years old. It’s took many years for me to understand that it’s not normal be like my father, it’s not right and should not be tolerated. The whole amount of reasons why this is important is overwhelming! Stories, people, etc…It has been and still is ongoing layers and layers of crap. I will try to help out how I can. I’m becoming exhausted myself. Thank you for all your efforts, Robert Jungers

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