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A Registry For All Convicted Domestic Violence Offenders.

They need help stop Domestic Abuse because kids and adults do not need to be abused buy their parents and adults do not need to be abuse by their boyfriend, husband, or girlfriends or wives. That way it will stop the violence and if its a child or adult they need to call the cops or get away and go to a place to get help. Trust me be abused it not fun I was in a relationship where my ex abused me and our kids and he throw stuff at us. He even pushed me to air fent in our room and cut my face open and i had black eyes and even a baseball size knot on my forehead. I want Sissy's law to pass so that no more kids or adults will get hurt or abused buy there parter. I am thankful I got away from him when I did to keep my kids safe at the time. My kids are now with is mom and she is not treating them right and I am working on getting Rayden and Raven back I also have a petition on here called Keep Mary's kids Out of Harm way if you want to sign it too People who abuse others should go to jail for a every long time and never get parole at all.

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