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Tell The Usda To Shut Down Law Breaking Puppy Mills!

It means a lot to me because animals are so loyal to us humans I've had a dog before his name was bear. All black and very friendly I loved my dog but sadly he passed away from cancer. He was always at the gate when I got home from school tail wagging tongue out ready to lick my face. He was so humble and loved to play and when I needed him he was always there for me. Animals don't need much they just need food water a nice place to sleep a few toys most of all they want our love care and affection. I can guarantee if your child was being absurd in any kind of way you would have a fit so why should animals be any different? They can feel just like us they know what's going on but they can't tell us in words but, their eyes wagging tails and whimpering can so why not listen?! Have a heart for those of you that do and stand up for animals they deserve it and sign the petition that's all you have to do. You don't give money so take a second to sign and I hope you do. Just remember they need love and affection just like us.

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