Imani Otey AbdulSalaam

I Am a pretty layed back indiviual,spiritual(& I didn't say Religious).I am a knowledge seeker,hunger for wisdom,I believe I am a pretty devoted mother now,and devoted grandmother from the birth of my first born grandaughter.I love family period.I am a loyal friend,a very caring person,sometimes a little to much,I tend to forget about me.I was diagnosed with Hyp-C in 1998.I have been treated with pegainterferion,and ribivian,however I,was the 1% whose liver did not respond to the treatment,so my liver is now at stage 2 chirosis.I am still so grateful,humbled,and loving life,for I have been blessed to be Muslimah,to have 4 wonderful children(3daughters-1son)10 grandchildren.(6 grandsons-4 grandaughters)so what do I have to complain about.ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AL'HUMDULILAHE'