Bev Kanthak

I am a 58 year old married woman with one 28 year old daughter and truly with all my heart love pretty much all animals.. forget snakes, and spiders.. they creep me out.. but.. I can honestly say I get sad if I accidentally hit a squirrel or bunny running across the road.. I know we need deer hunting because throughout the winter the over abundance of population they would starve.. but I still can't stand the thought of someone shooting Bambi's mom or dad.. or seeing them dead along the side of the roads.. I live in the thumb area of Michigan. We have a 10 year old cat that was diagnosed in Sept. of 2011 with diabetes, I have owned many dogs throughout my life.. from poodles, to a miniature American Eskimo Spitz. I have had a Golden Retriever and two Siberian Huskies.. all of which died of old age except the last husky... he was young.. but did pass away last October of some complications.. I am a homemaker.. I love crafts, and sewing and music, and all kinds of things.. but my biggest love is animals.. I should of been a vet..