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*~*"Chief White Owl's Law!"*~* Stiffer Laws And Harsher Penalties For Nursing Homes!

My story is short! An abusive POA in my family had ideas to steal my moms entire life savings. She knew of an attorney who would submit false information to Medicaid. Once they submitted the wrong asset information, Mom was forced into a nursing home, abused by the POA who wouldn't allow simple comfort medication. The idea was to get mom so wore down she'd welcome death and lose her will to live. All while her money was being drained so X-sis and her husband could go real estate shopping for their real estate dreams! This all happening while they were qualifying her for 'free ' state assistance! It's a deplorable hideous plot that a lot of people aren't aware is happening. The Parks nursing home in Orange county Florida is running now under a different name. You can't cover over the dreadful and horrifying sins that occurred there. I documented it so I know first hand what I am talking about! WE must tell our horror stories so they don't repeat themselves. I plan a book to honor my moms horrifying death and I'm hopeful it will be a real eye opener. I don't care about my X-sister, she had been living a double life and only cares about money and who she can rip off to get it!

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